Beta 1.3 Changelog

  • Added new tab, Backup/Restore which provides a UI for restoring backuped up versions of the AddIns.xml file in the case of corruption. The files were already being backed up, this just provides a UI for it
  • Complete re-write of core mod install code to allow DAModder to be more flexible in copying mod data. This will allow almost any type of mod to eventually be installed, and should fix problems with ANY DAZIP mod
  • Fixed a bug in DAXMLParser that could cause data corruption on certain type of mods when inserting the mods data into AddIns.xml - this would manifest as certain mods not working, even if enabled
  • Mod Detail labels are now initialized to an empty string upon program startup.
  • In the Choose Mod dialog, cancel will now really cancel :)
  • Better exception handling for files in use
  • When uninstalling a mod, DAModder now warns the user that files will be deleted, and informs the user that the toolset must be closed to properly uninstall a mod