How to Manually Package a Mod for use with DAModder

NOTE: As of Beta 1.9, manually packaging mods should no longer be necessary as DAModder works with package files directly.

As of Beta 1, the builder packaging tools for DAModder are not complete. In order to install a mod with DAModder you will need to manually build a "damodder package". This is a lot easier than it sounds :)

At this time only "standard" mods are supported. A standard mod is one that can be installed with DAUpdater using a .DAZIP file. These instructions will be updated when additional mod types are supported.

To manually create an installation package:
1) Create a new folder for the mod
2) Inside that folder, create a sub-folder named damodder
3) Right click and drag the .DAZIP file to the damodder folder and using either WinRar or 7Zip, extract the contents to that folder

If packaged properly, you should be able to open the damodder folder, and inside there see a Manifest.xml file, and a Contents folder.