Creating a DAModder Package for a Core Override mod

NOTE: These instructions are current as of Beta 1.9, but the Builder Packaging Tools are not completed. Once they are, this process will become even easier.

A Core Override Mod is a mod that is not an actual Toolset module, but rather a collection of files designed to be placed into the player's Packages\Core\Override directory in order to override core game files and alter their behavior. Because these files are not modules, they do not have module data for DAModder to read and as such they require a little extra packaging to make them fully compatible with DAModder.

Preparing a Manifest.xml File

In order for you to tell DAModder your mod's information, you need to create a small, simple, XML file. This sounds more complicated than it is. Below you will find a sample one that you can download and just edit for your details.
Manifest.xml Download the sample, then open it up in notepad. Do not use Wordpad or any more elaborate program like that as it will corrupt the file. Use plain old Notepad.exe
When you open it up, it should look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!--DAModder created CoreOverride Manifest-->
<Manifest Type="CoreOverrideAddIn">
        <AddInItem UID="no_starting_abilities" Name="No Starting Abilities">
            <Title DefaultText="No Starting Abilities" />
            <Description DefaultText="Normally, during character creation, the game assigns certain abilities based on your class and background, and then lets you choose a few others on your own. This mod will make it so that you no longer get those automatic abilities. In return you receive more points to spend on what you want. In the end the balance is the same." />
            <URL DefaultText="" />
            <Publisher DefaultText="Beyond Ferelden" />

All you really need to do is edit the file to contain the details for your mod. The most important thing to pay attention to is in near the top:

<AddInItem UID="no_starting_abilities" Name="No Starting Abilities">

In this line, you will notice the first attribute called UID. This is the mod's Unique Identifier and must be unique. If it is not unique then your mod will clash with another with the same UID, causing them both to get jumbled up and if the user uninstalls one, they would both be uninstalled.

Packaging the Mod

When packaging your mod, either place all the files into a single subfolder, or just zip them up directly. Either will work. The Manifest.xml file however must be at the root of the ZIP file.

Archive Type

DAModder currently only supports .ZIP files.