Getting Started as a Beta Tester

Thank you for your interest in DAModder, and welcome to the beta test.

DAModder is now in Open Beta. Please understand that during these initial days of Open Beta with more and more people using the application, bugs that we missed in closed beta will no doubt surface. I will work through them as quickly as I can.

The focus of Beta 2 is on the player experience, specifically the installation and uninstallation of mods.

This site you are on now is the DAModder support site. It is a nice little site that makes it a whole lot easier to handle support issues, questions, and discussions. Take a few minutes to look around. There are two main sections. The Discussions and the Knowledge Base/FAQs. Your first stop should be to the FAQs where you will find a few articles on how to use DAModder.

Some links to get you started:

Installing a Mod

Uninstalling a Mod

All Player FAQs


Packing a Core Override Mod for DAModder

All Modder FAQs

In addition to this support site, is the bug tracker. The bug tracker actually integrates with this site, which is very nice. You can find the bug tracker here. Any bugs you find need to be reported on that site.

To download the latest version of DAModder and start testing, please look in the Beta 2 Discussion Forum.

If you have any questions please just post in the discussion forum.